If you believe in the Paranormal or not, it is all over the television.

I have had the pleasure of investigating allot of different places here in El Paso and have come back with allot of crazy stuff. During the Halloween season I will share more of the stuff I have found like voices, rocks being thrown at me and little girls asking me questions but I didn't hear her at the time of the investigation.

Do you work or live somewhere and you just know something weird is going on or do you believe there is no possible way there can be anything after life but a dark box 6 feet under getting ate by maggots or even worse, burned to ashes and put on someones shelf until one day some snotty nosed grand kid throws a ball in the house, knocks you over then you get sucked up in some new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Tell me your experiences with the paranormal or better yet, try to explain to me how there is no way in hell this can possibly be true.

Check out this video below.