Arizona, throughout its history, has seen a lot of violent times and deaths. Many of those spirits have decided to stick around ... must be the weather.

I've stayed in many places in Arizona and never really experienced any supernatural occurrences. Not even in Tombstone where, it seems, every place is haunted.

Anyway, a hotel in Jerome, Arizona, recently made a list of the most haunted hotels in America. It has definitely got some ghostly stuff going on.

The Jerome Grand Hotel is fairly modern considering many, still standing, buildings in Arizona date back to the 1800's.

The Jerome was built in 1926 as a hospital for the population of, mostly, mine workers and their families. It remained in operation until 1950, then stood abandoned until 1994.

It was remodeled and reopened as a hotel in 1996.

The hospital saw lots of death, (up to 9,000), mostly caused by mining accidents but illness, murder and suicide took people out too. Some of the ghosts include ...

The third floor is the most active, home to ... among others ... a ghost child who runs up and down the hall.

Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, the kid also likes to suddenly appear at the foot of peoples beds.

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The "bearded man", a ghost who breathes very heavily and coughs, hangs out on the 3rd floor, as does a ghost cat. Yes, animals can be ghosts too.

It rubs against people's legs, meows, hisses and snuggles up next to guests for naps. It also scratches at doors and the imprint of a cat appears on bedding.

Photo 12 News/YouTube
Photo 12 News/YouTube

A hospital maintenance man was crushed by an elevator.

It is believed that he was murdered, then put in the elevator shaft to cover up the crime.

A diligent employee, he still moves around the basement ... now a laundry room ... doing his job.

Shadow figures are seen in the boiler room where a security guard, hired while the building was vacant, was found hanging from a steampipe.

Room 32, site of at least 2 suicides, is supposed to be the most haunted room in the hotel.

Read more about the Jerome Grand Hotel here or you can visit their Facebook page.

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