He's playful, invisible and he especially loves to torment some guy named Terry. (Pictured, on the left.)

The spirit world is not exclusive to human beings, it's totally pet friendly. Good thing 'cuz if my lost fur-balls aren't waiting across the Rainbow Bridge, I'm not staying either.

There are lots of stories about ghostly animals, some protective, some mean ... some going "ape". Watson, as you'll (kinda) see, is a good boy.

Downtown Carrollton, Texas is said to be very haunted. The Rainbow Fountain & Grill captured video proof that it certainly is ... by a dog named Watson.

The Rainbow was originally the home of Carrollton's doctor. Doctor Blackburn would make house calls accompanied by his 'lil buddy, Mr. Watson.

The home has gone through many changes over the years but one thing seems to have remained constant, Watson watches over it and protects those within it.

For a peek at Doc. Blackburn and good old Watson, skip ahead to 1:49.

Thanks to new security cameras, starting at 2:20, you can watch folks react to what appears to be Watson wanting to play.

Or maybe he's just trying to hustle a snack. Then again, maybe these peeps just have a really well rehearsed prank going ... who knows? I want to believe in Watson though.

Kix chasing rabbits, Winston and his never ending tug of war games, Sassy losing her mind over laser pointers and Ringo freaking out when it thundered are all sorely missed.

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