Check out the meet & greet photos with Papa Roach as they headlined day one of StreetFest 2017, kicking off a rocking weekend in downtown El Paso.

Papa Roach were incredible live and in between Glen Garza on stage and Lisa Sanchez preparing for her interview with the guys I was filling in and helping gather all the winners and invitees to the meet and greet. As I waited on the band I was ushered down a long hallway beneath the Abraham Chavez Theatre to meet their tour manager and as we made our way, all I could hear was loud Cumbia music blasting. Was Papa Roach listening to Cumbia’s? Indeed they were and dancing too. It was refreshing to see that they don’t take themselves too seriously and they genuinely have fun listening to any type of music. I was a fan before but that whole experience solidified me as a fan for life.

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