It's hard to image that not too long ago, Downtown El Paso was a place where you could casually run into one of the biggest figures of the Mexican Revolution.

When he wasn't busy leading the revolution against Mexican president Porfirio Díaz, Pancho Villa would take refuge in El Paso alongside other Mexican revolutionaries. One of Villa's favorite places to go? Elite Confectionary- on the northewest corner of Mesa and Texas street.

According to this video from the El Paso Museum of History, and starring El Paso author and historian Leon Metz, Elite Confectionary was an ice cream parlor, and apparently Villa had a sweet tooth because Villa would visit it daily and:

order his favorite chocolate-covered ice cream "baseballs" for 10 cents. Peanut brittle was another Elite Confectionary specialty. Villa, his friends recalled, could eat a pound of peanut brittle. He would usually order nothing but strawberry soda to go with his treats.

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A building so rich of history and importance, you would figure that it would be celebrated or turned into a great tourist attraction. Wondering what stands there today? A CVS.

That's right, a CVS/Pharmacy where you could get your medications or some nylons is what stands in what used to be Pancho Villa's go-to sweet spot.

Apparently, everything gets turned into a CVS, because this Tweet shows us that a "Scarface" filming location is now also a CVS; which is where I found out about the ice cream parlor Villa frequented thanks to Javier:

At least it's a place where you could still get ice cream and strawberry soda, just not the same way Villa used to.

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