Gringos' Curve Author

This local author has his name on a tombstone but is still alive! He was honored by Concordia Cemetery about his story on Gringos' Curve that was published 15 years ago in 2004. Lance told the story about Pancho Villa's massacre of American miners back in 1916 in Mexico. His book gives you a deep look into Southwest History which uncovers the ugly truth of international trade. There was a deadly force that was used sometimes for international trade. Some American companies would send trains to travel to Mexico to the mining sites. It was unfortunate for some American miners that were killed for not being involved in the war. Lance's book Gringos' Curve describes the story of Pancho Villa forcing 19 mining engineers off a train to kill them. Luckily, one man survived the massacre by playing dead. Tomorrow marks the anniversary that Pancho Villa's troops killed 18 Americans in 1916. Thanks to Christopher Lance Habermeyer for such a great history lesson!