Everyone has their particular bucket list that includes things they want to do and places they want to see before they die. Some of the things and places we have on our very own personal bucket list include where we hope to visit that are outside of El Paso's city and Texas' state limits. But for others outside of El Paso city limits actually have certain spots from El Paso on their bucket list.

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Anyone who is an El Paso native knows just how beautiful our city is and what we have to offer. But the city isn't done yet since slowly but surely different attractions are popping up. But just because new things are coming doesn't mean we forget about the old.

But little did we know a couple of historic spots in El Paso would make a bucket list cut. Well, El Paso, Texas made Texas Highways 2022 Texas Bucket List cut recently that should make El Pasoans proud.

The 2022 Texas Bucket List even got me wanting to scope out the El Paso Mission Trail spot again that was mentioned. Two of the oldest missions in Texas, Soccorro, and Ysleta are special and worthy if they made the bucket list cut.

Plus another spot mentioned that is in El Paso, Texas is a certain corner downtown where Pancho Villa used to hang out while enjoying ice cream. So at the corner of Texas Avenue and N. Mesa Street where CVS Pharmacy is where Pancho Villa would buy his favorite sweet treats according to Historic El Paso, Texas.

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