P.O.D. & Drowning Pool were two of the biggest names of the nu metal scene. They're also two bands that El Paso loves seeing anytime they come to perform live. And thankfully we're seeing them both at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in 2023.

When are P.O.D. & Drowning Pool coming to El Paso?

As announced on Speaking's Rock official Facebook page, both bands are set to play at a free outdoor show at Speaking Rock, October 14th. The doors will open at 6pm the show is for ages 21 & over only.

El Paso has seen P.O.D. many times in the past

P.O.D. had some special moments in El Paso; including playing the halftime show at the 2019 Sun Bowl game as well as performing on New Years Eve that same night. They've also performed a total of 2 KLAQ Balloonfest festivals. (2008 & 2012). In total P.O.D. has been in El Paso a total of 10 times.

El Paso also loves our fellow Texas brothers in Drowning Pool

Our Texas bros in Drowning Pool has also played two KLAQ Balloonfest Festivals in 2008 (WITH P.O.D.) and in 2011. They've also played the Texas Showdown Festival in 2014, Rock the Fort on Ft. Biggs in 2011, as well as many shows at various venues like El Paso County Coliseum, Speaking Rock, Club 101.

The last time Drowning Pool came to El Paso was also at Speaking Rock; they played indoors March 9th, 2019. I was at that show & it was clear the fans got an amazing show that night. In total Drowning Pool has been here 14 times.

It's nice seeing both bands come back to El Paso (and together too!) so we can give them a nice warm welcome back to the Sun City.

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