Ah yes the El Paso Sun Bowl... we've seen some truly amazing concerts in El Paso's history & we've certainly seen some amazing football games in history too. Since 1935, UTEP's Sun Bowl Stadium has been the home of the Sun Bowl game around the end of December. And every year it's a BIG deal...

We've seen some truly amazing fights on the field (and some not so good ones but we'll get there).

Sun Bowl 28 (1961)

Thanks to the internet, we can look back on archived footage of some of the most iconic games, and pre-game moments at the Sun Bowl. Like the classic footage from the 1961 game of Villanova vs Wichita State with Villanova winning 17-9

Sun Bowl 61 (1994)

If you want to watch these games in their entirety, there are channels on YouTube that, thankfully, upload most, if not entire games, for people to relive online. Including the 1994 Sun Bowl game: The Texas Longhorns vs North Carolina Tar Heels. A game that many believe is the GREATEST Sun Bowl game, especially if you're a Texas fan as they won 35-31.

Sun Bowl 77 (2010)

Another great historic game was 2010 Sun Bowl game; Norte Dame vs Miami. Over 54,000 people attended this historic game to watch Norte Dame beat Miami, 33-17. To this date, it is the Sun Bowl game with the highest attendance record.

Sun Bowl 75 (2008)

If there was a game that people don't really look back on was the 2008 Sun Bowl with Oregon State beating Pittsburgh, 3-0. In fact the game was even covered on Secret Base's YouTube channel & is regarded as possibly the worst Sun Bowl game.

Sun Bowl 82 (2015)

Another game where people would argue is a "bad" game was the 2015 Sun Bowl Washington State vs Miami. Or as people would call it... The Snow Bowl.

Sun Bowl 76 (2009)

But the good certainly outweighs the bad. There's many other games to note like the 2009 Sun Bowl: Stanford vs Oklahoma,

Sun Bowl 69 (2002)

2002: Purdue vs Washington

Sun Bowl 71 (2004)

2004's Purdue vs Arizona

Sun Bowl 86 (2019)

2019's Florida State vs Arizona State. (I was actually AT this game).

Sun Bowl 56 (1989)

You can even find some games from the 80s like 1989's Pittsburgh vs Texas A&M.

As the Sun Bowl games continue to be a tradition, I'm sure we'll see plenty more historic games in the future.

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