Halloween on a Monday -- whose idea was that? Still, we all had to soldier on as best we could. There was candy to be thrown and candy to be gathered.

We saw some incredible costumes this year. El Paso really has some creative people.

Parade Winners

Marching Band Competition: Ysleta Middle School Marching band under the direction of Director Jose Mireles

Best Dressed Walkers – Halloween Costume Contest

  1. Izcalli Garnica – Mayor of Halloween Town
  2. Rose Corral – Family of Circus
  3. Bria Duffy – Spongebob

Rock ‘n Drive Vehicle Contest

  1. Ivonne Martinez – Dia de los Muertos
  2. Sandra Martinez – Bride and Group Catrinas
  3. Guillermo Lopez – Spiders and Zombies

Business Category

  1. Desert Eagle Productions – Ghostbusters
  2. Answer Net – Day of the Dead
  3. Barkerhouse Kennels – Haunted Dog House