As we get closer to Thanksgiving less fortunate families in the Borderland wonder if they'll get to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Plus, the pandemic that El Paso is facing right now isn't exactly helping. It is sad to think that some families in El Paso who try to make ends meet don't get to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. I won't forget the time I realized just how many families and homeless depended on free meals. For two years I had school every single day Monday through Sunday unless it was a holiday. The school on Sundays I attended was confirmation, at St. Patricks Cathedral, and had to complete two years of it. Not sure if it was just at St. Patrick's Cathedral but our confirmation class had to volunteer whether it be during church services or event. I remember we were asked to volunteer to work a shift feeding the less fortunate on Thanksgiving Day.

I remember I volunteered to help out whether my confirmation buddies did or not. They held the Thanksgiving feast inside Cathedral High School's gym. When I showed up for my shift I realized just how many people depended on free meals. If you've ever volunteered to serve less fortunate people on Thanksgiving, then you know it's busy from start to finish. Luckily, Operation H.O.P.E. wants to give the less fortunate their Thanksgiving feast and more to take home. This Thanksgiving food giveaway will be a drive-thru event. Each automobile will receive a turkey obviously along with other food and drink items. The bulk of grocery items they're giving away weigh about 35 pounds. This giveaway is offered to residents from Texas or New Mexico. Operation H.O.P.E. will be helping the less fortunate Saturday at the El Paso County Coliseum at 4100 Paisano. So make sure you get in line early since their Thanksgiving food giveaway will begin at 10 am and please have your ID present. Since it is a difficult time to volunteer during a pandemic you can help in other ways. Help feed a family by donating what you can afford to give to The Great Thanksgiving Giveaway Benefiting The Great Khalid Foundation.

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