We know El Paso has their fair share of local clever jokers who let it show through their personal business.

Everyone knows someone who can put together a couple of regular words that sound like you're cursing in Spanish. For example, say these words in somewhat a quick manner, ice bank mice elf.

It sounds like you're saying I spank myself when you're really not. Now we must settle something once and for all for some of you curious callers that call the rock line about an advertisement we're running. There are a few metaphysical supply stores in El Paso that have quite the store name.

I didn't even pay close attention to it until a listener brought it to my attention. One day I'm sitting in the studio then low and behold I heard what the listener heard. In fact, I had to hear it again to make sure my own ears were hearing correctly.

Only in El Paso, you will hear an advertisement run on a rock station that leaves some Hispanics chuckling when they hear it. If you know Spanish then you're totally familiar with their list of curse words.

In fact, you sometimes even hear those curse words on the Paso Del Norte bridge. But the store that is gaining attention for its name is Cool Arrows. Now when you say the store name, it sounds like someone who can't roll their R's is saying a particular Spanish curse word.

I just hope you know what Spanish curse word I am talking about. Let me know what you think about Cool Arrows store name in the poll below. Only in El Paso and on KLAQ you can hear an advertisement for a store with a name that sounds explicit to Hispanics.

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