I drive a lot in town; so keeping my car maintained is essential in my every day life. But there are some moments that happen on the road that we can't control, no matter how safe we are. Here's something that's happened to me many times in the past but never to this extent... until this past weekend.

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Sunday night, I was set to film a music video with a couple of friends of mine at a location on Montana. I load up my car with all my drum & microphone equipment & we head to the spot. When arriving there, I noticed my tire looked pretty low but I couldn't do anything since we had to film. We wrapped up shooting around 9:30 at night so I take my car to a gas station to put some air pressure into my back tire. When checking my tires, I noticed the PSI was LOW... around 10 PSI.

So after I take out ALL my equipment, we dig out the spare tire & replaced the flat. When I got back to my house, while examining the tire, I spotted a nail, dug it out & tossed it in the trash. After doing another check on the tire, I spotted... ANOTHER nail. I've gotten plenty nails while driving but last night... I was lucky to snag not one but TWO nails on the SAME NIGHT while driving.

Daniel Paulus
Daniel Paulus

I know I'm not the only one who's had experiences like this; Buzz for instance showed just how bad Mesa street USED to be with all the construction & reconstructing done last year. I can imagine SOMEONE must've went something similar a year ago. And don't get me started on roundabouts...

I know getting a nail in your tire sucks, but TWO... that REALLY sucks. Keep your eyes peeled when you're driving. You never know what horrible devices might be lurking in the dark, ready to strike your poor car when you least expect it.

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