In the past, the idea of a car driving by itself seems so alien. But with the advances of technology, not only did it become likely to happen, it HAS happened. Scientists & car manufacturers are always looking to make self-driving cars available for everyone.

Transportation Sec'y Foxx Discusses Future Transportation Trends With Google CEO
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Recently some companies have even applied to the truck industry by making self-driving semi trucks

The California companies Waymo & Embark have both created self-driving semi trucks with the purposes of making cross countries deliveries easier. They've done a lot transportation within the states of California & Arizona.

Both companies have gotten a lot of publicity from news agencies

Even former Mythbuster Jaime Heyman took a ride in one.

Some people have even posted videos they took of SEEING the truck on the road, like this one in San Jose, California.

Back in 2020, Waymo even said they would be heading to New Mexico & Texas. We haven't seen any photos or videos of them in town until a Reddit user named "mattzuba" posted in the Mildly Interesting Reddit page a photo of a Waymo truck IN El Paso.

Currently the post has over 900 upvotes & 150 comments with people posting some pretty humorous comments; mainly about the fact that while the truck is "self-driving", there still needs to be someone in the truck just in case they need to take control of the truck.

One thing I WISH the user said was WHERE the truck stopped at; the only thing they mentioned was it was stopped at a gas station in El Paso. Which, if you've been here even for a couple of minutes, that can be ANYWHERE. Perhaps it was out around Fabens or Horizon? We don't know.

But what we DO know is one of those trucks made its way into El Paso at one point. So keep an eye out for a giant blue semi truck with sensors on the top. And don't be afraid if you don't see anyone driving. Unless it goes off road...

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