World War II veteran and America's oldest living person Richard Overton is in the hospital and the family is asking for prayers. Richard Arvin Overton is a 112-year-old World War 2 veteran and a life-long Austin resident. He's been in the news before This American hero built the home he lives in, had the street he lives on named after him and was even invited to the White House by former President Barack Obama. He's also had some misfortune after he was the victim of identity theft but also people have rallied around him in his times of need. There was a massive GoFundMe campaign a couple years ago to help Overton pay for his medical bills where over $200,000 was raised for him. Now Overton's family is asking for prayers after the veteran has been in the hospital for almost a week.

Richard Overton was admitted to a hospital on Wednesday and is currently battling pneumonia. Overton has been dealing with poor health throughout the year and was in the hospital during the summer. His third cousin, Volma Overton Jr., says he needs "everybody's prayers" right now while he's trying to get better.

Obama Participates In Observance Of Veterans Day At Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
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