The oldest living World War II veteran lives in Texas and is trying to raise money to live out his final days in the home he knows and loves.

110 year-old Richard Overton is believed to be the oldest living World War II veteran. He's seen a lot in his life and fought battles across the Pacific Ocean but now he just wants to live a simple life in his home. Overton built his Austin, Texas home with his own hands 60 years ago, and he doesn't want to leave. Lucky for him, a lot of strangers are coming together to make sure he doesn't have to.

The super-centenarian has outlived his closest relatives and now needs a caretaker to help him with his daily needs. Overton used to live with an elderly friend, but now that woman needs care as well which left Overton in a difficult situation. He attempted to get assistance from Veteran's Affairs but was only able to get a nurse for 3 hours a day, or he would have to move into a nursing home. The estimated cost of an in-home caregiver could run his family up to $480 a day.

The man's third cousin Volma Overton told CNBC that "moving him out his house will put him in the grave." Her daughter suggested that they start a GoFundMe page to help with costs of his necessary 24 hour care. The fund was started on December 27th and within two days the page had raised the goal of $50,000. The goal was then raised to $100,000 and has been reached. It is unknown if the family will continue to raise more funds for the war veteran.

Leanrnmore about this American hero in the short film made by Austin filmmakers Rock Conly and Matt Cooper in 2015.

Youtube User rocky conly
Youtube User rocky conly

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