Taylow Swift is arguably the biggest musical artist in the world right now. Check out this version of her song 'Bad Blood.' 

Taylor Swift's music video for her song "Bad Blood" blew up all over the internet and television when it first premiered. With cameos from many heavy hitters in the celeb world, people were drooling to see it for the first time. Pete Parada of The Offspring posts videos on his Youtube Channel of him breaking down his own drum beats from Offspring songs, but also him doing covers of other musician's songs. He has covered Yelawolf, The Vandals, Goatwhore and more.

Some online fans requested he cover a pop song, specifically Taylor Swift. Parada happily obliged and gave is this great remix of "Bad Blood." Here's what Pete Parada had to say on the cover:

By request, a Taylor Swift song. I chose to reimagine "Bad Blood" from her latest album. When I first listened to this song, right away I began to picture what it could sound like with real drums. This was a fun challenge: composing the drum parts while simply feeling the groove of the song without a click track. When I started working on this piece I thought Bad Blood would just be a deep track, but it's actually become her current single - so check it out!

Check it out for yourself and see what you think. You can see Parada perform with The Offspring at this year's Texas Showdown Festival. Find out the lineup and ticket information here.