WHAT?  We may not be able to huddle up together and freeze at 4am at Walmart this year??

That's the rumor!  Walmart seems to be going through some issues with their employees over unions, unfair treatment, unfair or inadequate scheduling practices ... you name it, they're arguing over it.

To the point that a Black Friday walkout is being talked about.

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To tell you the truth, the 10 cent toaster or $100 tv or whatever the deal is wasn't ever really enticing enough to get me out of bed that early!  (Not much is mind you!)

Thousands of others go for them though.  No idea as to how ... or if ... this will affect our El Paso area Walmarts but, just in case, you might want to start watching their website for good "Black Friday" deals!  The store may not be open for you this year!