If you're going to be shopping for Black Friday deals, be extra cautious when in the state of Arizona. Arizona is known as the Copper State but it should be called the Black Eye state because there's a good chance you just might end up having to FIGHT for the best deals at the store...literally.

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What are the worst states to shopping during Black Friday?

This question has been brought up every year & it seems like the results change from year to year. For example KATV7 put out their list back in 2015; while the state most likely to hit the top 10 seemed to be New Mexico, it wasn't as bad as some states were to the right of Texas.

HOWEVER according to the Travel Alot website, they put out their own list of the Top 10 states you're most likely to get into a state. Arizona ranked at #9. ABC13 in Houston, Texas post out an article in 2017 ranking Arizona at #5.

What was the Worst Black Friday Incident in Arizona?

One of the most notable incidents to happen during Black Friday happened back in 2011; a Walmart in Cave Creek was evacuated after a suspicious package was found in the employee's break room. The entire store was cleared & while this was going on, an elderly man was knocked down by police officers. The man put a video game in his belt so he can pick up his grandson to leave the store. The man was accused of shoplifting and thrown to the ground. There was video that made its way on YouTube but be warned, there is blood shown so here's a NSFW warning.

Since then, not many incidents have made the news but there's definitely videos showing the insanity of Black Friday shopping all over social media...


@liiinaaa.0 AZ ppl go crazyy #arizona #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #blackfriday ♬ original sound - Angie


So if you DO go out shopping on Black Friday, please be careful.

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