I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy Nextdoor which is an app that is specific to the neighborhood you live in. It’s mostly people asking for recommendations for contractors or lawn services mixed in with a substantial dose of racial profiling and complaining about people not picking up after their dogs.

Every once in a while something out of the ordinary on Nextdoor will catch my eye, like this recent post (names and details have been changed because I don’t want my actual neighbors getting mad at me).

Hi, West Bank residents! I was just wondering: does anyone else ever find a single dryer sheet in their mailbox? My husband asked me why there was a dryer sheet in the mailbox about 7 months ago and I told him he was crazy. Then, just this week, I found one too! Is this some kind of prank or one of those Tick Tack challenges I always hear about the kids doing? Has this happened to anyone else??

After some theories were proffered someone else posted that they knew EXACTLY what is going on:

Hi,____. My ex-husband worked for the post office as a letter carrier. He would buy dryer sheets that he would leave in mailboxes that had wasps or yellow-jackets either in them or nearby. If you find a lone dryer sheet in your mailbox it was definitely put there by your mailman because you have wasps, yellow-jackets or bees. Hope this helps!

Hmmm. I decided to do some deep research into this phenomenon. By “deep research” I mean I did a Google search for “dryer sheet in mailbox”. According to Google…it’s a thing!

Tasteofhome.com says it’s real. Also, a TV station in Virginia backs up the claim.

I also found a letter carrier explaining the dryer sheet vs. wasps dynamic in further detail on Reddit.

According to this Redditor the dryer sheet trick really works. But, what about the bags of waters you see outside of buildings to keep flies and mosquitos away? I feel a SERIES in the making!


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