Let me get this right off the top: I’m an environmentalist. I fully believe the scientific consensus that global warming, caused in large part by man-made pollution, is one of the biggest threats to our continued survival and prosperity. I also applaud companies and organizations that implement “green” tech and policies.

However, if you’re the company that sends me more junk mail than LITERALLY ANY OTHER SINGLE SOURCE…I don’t see how you get to climb on the “green” bandwagon.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU Pella Windows and Doors.

No one source has sent me as much junk mail over the last 15 years as Pella has, although Time Warner/Spectrum Cable runs a fairly close second. In an average week I get multiple flyers, offers, coupons and solicitations from one company: Pella Windows and Doors.

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I’m a big believer that homeowners should have the option to “opt out” of any mail that comes addressed to “current occupant”. About half of my Pella junk mail is addressed to “current occupant”. Another quarter is addressed to me by name and the remaining quarter is addressed to me by name “or current occupant”. I’ve never bought anything from Pella so I wonder how I got on their marketing list. Is everybody getting 3 to 8 pieces of junk mail from Pella per week?

This was the final straw, though. I actually got a flyer from Pella reminding me of how seriously THEY take the environment.

That’s right. I got a pro-environment message on an ACTUAL PIECE OF POLLUTION!

buzz window ad 1

Really, Pella? You’ve been “protecting the planet since 1925”? Is mailing out mountains of garbage everyday somehow actually GOOD for the environment?

They even include some inspiring words from their founder:


“We recognize our responsibilities as stewards of our natural resources and the environment, and will avoid wasteful disregard of the environmental effects of our operation.”- Pete Kuyper, 1950 (Founder, Pella corporation)

Wow. Happy Earth Day, everyone.

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