Hot Shot Kixxx are relatively new to the local music scene but they've already accomplished quite a bit.

They've written and recorded their own music, done a ton of live shows making them one of EP's "bands to see" and now, they're video stars! When I asked them to sum themselves up in a previous post about the band, they had this to say:

We don’t like to think of ourselves as a “metal” band or a “progressive rock” band because we have similar influences and we like to incorporate a lot of different styles in our music. Ranging everywhere from Django Reinhardt to Daft Punk to Dream Theater. We’re always looking for shows that need a local band to help out and will do anything to help out the local music scene here in El Paso. We are in the middle of recording an EP; most of our songs can be found on our SoundCloud account. We can be contacted at or found on Facebook.

Enjoy the video!