A new study from the University of Queensland shows us the average time of sex for couples. Also we finally have an answer to whether condoms affect performance.

Sometimes after a steamy session in the sheets or even a over too quick romp you have to wonder, what is a normal length? With the sex, not the length of other things. You'll have to find another study for the average length for that.

A new study from the University of Queensland found that sex, from penetration to conclusion, can last from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. The average time for the couples surveyed over a 4 week period was 5.4 minutes.

Dr. Brendan Zietsch, a psychologist from the university analyzed the findings in clouding whether or not a condom does really make a difference. The study found that if a man was circumcised or not didn't make a difference in his performance. Wearing a condom also didn't affect a man's performance in the sack.

They also looked at couples from different countries and found that the country the couple came from didn't matter, except one- Turkey. Couples in Turkey for some reason collectively had sex shorter than the average time, only 3.4 minutes. The study also found that the older the couples the shorter the sex.

Now take this information and try to beat the average sex time. Hopefully you'll last longer than the average time. At least have fun trying to beat it!

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