Yes, despite being a landlocked state, New Mexico has indeed had a shark attack in its history. Even though there are no huge bodies of water around it, a shark attack still occurred in Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 2005.

How do you get bitten by a shark in New Mexico?

Easy. Get into the shark tank at your local aquarium. That's what happened to one diver at the Albuquerque BioPark; Ken Pitts was inside the shark tank feeding the sharks. After removing his wetsuit, a sand tiger shark bumped into him and left two quarter-inch bite marks on his arm. Thankfully, Ken just needed a few stitches and was just fine afterward.

But because of this ONE attack, New Mexico now is one of the few landlocked states WITH a shark attack on the records. Other landlocked states with a recorded shark attack include Missouri, Illinois & Kentucky.

As of right now, this remains the ONLY shark attack in New Mexico...SO FAR.

New Mexico actually has a long history of prehistoric sharks

Over 300 million years ago, the Manzano Mountains east of Albuquerque, was home to another noteworthy shark: the Manzano Ctenacanth. Aka the GODZILLA shark. The Godzilla shark was set to be about 6.7 ft. long after scientists discovered a 300 million-year-old fossil back in May 2013.

Even today you can still see plenty of sharks in local aquariums or state fairs. Just make sure to keep your hands to yourself; getting bit by a shark, even if it's a small one, can HURT.

Texas has seen plenty of sharks too; they've been known to travel in Rio Grande many many years ago. You can read that story HERE.

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