This news is leaking all over the internet.

An Albuquerque, New Mexico man was arrested in Phoenix Friday night at the Metallica concert Friday night after he allegedly peed on a family of three, including their young daughter. 44 year-old Daniel Francis Daddio was seated behind the family when the parents and their 10 year-old daughter felt a warm liquid running down their backs. The unnamed father then turned around and saw Daddio exposing himself and urinating on the family. He then confronted the man who allegedly just shrugged his shoulders.

The family alerted stadium employees to the incident and the man was taken into custody by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Not surprisingly, authorities say that Daddio was heavily intoxicated. He denied the incident.

Daddio is facing disorderly conduct and indecent exposure charges and was in court this past weekend. The judge in the case seemed genuinely shocked and appalled. Check out their interaction in the video above.

Read more at the Phoenix Fox 10 News.

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