I heard some news that really made me start listening to some throwback music. For throwback Thursday I thought I would write about a tour my inner 5-year-old self would be going nuts over. I remember the days I would listen to my New Kids On The Block cassette from side A to side B on repeat. I wasn't only listening to them but also Salt N' Peppa, Naughty By Nature, and Tiffany. I did a lot of hip-hop hooraying to these artists and even choreographed dances with my sister and cousin. The New Kids On The Block are bringing their Mixtape Tour to El Paso next year! The Mixed Tape Tour will be stopping in the Sun City on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Now, will you be one of the attendees that are there for pleasure or pain for your partner? Place your vote on whether you will be attending on your own free will or under ultimatum circumstances.

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