The Downtown El Paso skyline is about to get a makeover .... aaaaaand we get to deal with more construction.

Downtown El Paso will look a little different in a couple of years with a new high-rise building scheduled to open in 2019 - early 2020. According to the El Paso Herald Post:

The building will consist of fourteen floors and include eight levels for office space, five levels of parking (open to public), and ground floor retail space.  The complex will also feature park-like green space available for use by the public.

The new commercial building will be named WestStar Tower.  WestStar Bank (“WestStar”) will relocate its main bank and combined operations from 500 N. Mesa Street to the new office building which will serve as the corporate headquarters for WestStar.

Weststar will bring their current 175 employees to the new building and hire an estimated 35 more. For more info on the new building, click here.

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