Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm all for more shows filmed and based here, really. But what I'd really like for the shows to do, is stop portraying El Paso like Hollywood thinks of El Paso. Good example, Kill Bill. All you're left with the impression of El Paso is a small mission in the middle of freaking nowhere.

This trailer for the new show "The Bridge" looks pretty creepy and cool...but unfortunately, it looks like it might portray our police department as a couple of cowboys in an office. They're probably not very bright, need the FBI to teach them to chew cheese, and have a beat up old 70's sedan as their patrol car, too. I hope I'm wrong.

I'll give them a chance, and check out the show, if I can find out how to get FX at home...and I hope it's well done. But I am glad there's going to be a show focused on El Paso and Juarez. Here's to hoping it's an awesome show! Seeing as how it has Ted Levine as one of the characters (you remember him from Silence of the Lambs, he was the killer, and he was the cop in Monk), and Matthew Lilliard fom the original Scream, and 13 Ghosts, I'm expecting good things from this show.