If this isn't the most Texas thing ever, I don't know what is! A new trend is taking over TikTok and this time, it involves not just one, but two of Texas's favorites: Dr. Pepper and pickles!

As if the perfection that is Dr. Pepper needed any alteration- someone on TikTok comes along and shows us that we're not taking full advantage of what you can do with Dr. Pepper.

Cola and Ice

Aside from it's many flavors- including the new creamy coconut that has just arrived in time for summer- and the fact that Dirty Dr. Pepper is now a common drink request, one woman is elevating her Dr. Pepper and is inviting everyone else to do the same.

The original video comes from Mississippi Memaw on TikTok, who first showed us her usual Dr. Pepper order that involved adding pickles!

"Don't knock it 'til you try it" says Memaw.

I think what was most surprising was that the cashier didn't seem surprised at all by the request; which leads me to believe that this isn't the first time Memaw has made this particular request before! Also, I like that the cashier explained that the charge of cherries would be in place of her pickles in the receipt because there is no option to add pickles to your drinks... yet!

Now, I like pickles and I like Dr. Pepper, but would I combine them both? Absolutely! I'm always willing to try something something once- and, as history shows, when it comes to pickles I'm game; just look at this video of when I tried a homemade pickle slush!

Maybe try a refreshing Dr. Pepper with pickles next time you're at Sonic!

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