It's happening! It looks like Blue Bell has finally made all of Texans dreams come true! Blue Bell just introduced their newest flavor and it features another Texas favorite: Dr. Pepper!

That's right, their newest flavor is the Dr. Pepper Float!

Now, this may not seem new to some of us. I'm sure at one point or another we've all added Dr. Pepper to our Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. If you haven't you should definitely try that.

But now, Blue Bell has made it super convenient for us, they took the middle man out and just created a Dr. Pepper Float flavor; which I can tell you so many Texans are already a big fan of it! And some are even saying this is Christmas in May!

It also made those who no longer are in Lone Star state, or in the area surrounding the Lone Star state, miss these two iconic treats.

Suffice it to say that today, Blue Bell broke the internet and brought a little bit of cheer and delight to lives of Texans.

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Now, my only problem is- where can I find it here in El Paso? I've already seen some of my friends proudly post on social media that they got the tub, but I just came back from the store and I couldn't find it. This is like the time I couldn't find the Dr. Pepper Strawberries and Cream! But when I did find it, it was worth the wait, which is exactly how I know that this ice cream will also be worth the wait. The hunt is on!

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