A new video online is trying to lure voters in a brand new way- with strippers. Safe to say this advertisement got our attention. Writer and director Angela Barnes is currently out of work due to the pandemic and decided to use her time for a good cause. Barnes shot a campaign video to get people's attention to let them know why it's so important for them to vote in this year's elections. The video features some very beautiful and talented Atlanta-based strippers showing off their skills and explaining how your vote can make a difference. Many people don't realize just how much their vote can mean. The women explain how elections affect everything from the President of the United States all the way to your City's mayor and local D.A.

Angela Barnes directed and financed the video with her own money and through a GoFundMe. The video directs you to the Get Your Booty To The Polls website where you can see if you're registered to vote and, if not, register. You can also find out more about the dancers featured in the video as well. While the video has obviously received some criticism, others love it, saying this is just another way to reach people. Read more about this entertaining and informative video on the New York Post website.

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