"His and hearse" is actually quite appropriate ... they are unisex after all.

Having once worked in a funeral home, I'm very familiar with driving hearses and while I've done it hundreds of times, I never actually wanted one of my own.

These guys did though and can frequently be seen cruisin' the 915 in the "corpse carriers" they brought back to life.

You're probably wondering why someone would want one of these so, I asked 'em for you.

Sinister Kustoms owner Jake Junell truly lives up to the brand with his hearse. (I love that pun.) Jake's hearse is named Azrael, another name for the angel of death, because ... as Jake says ... death is something that we'll all face some day. Therefore, he sees no point in fearing it but would rather to have some fun with it.

El Pasoan, actor and horror buff Jerry Walker has one too.  He got his because, basically, he's REALLY into horror movies. One in particular, Phantasm, sparked his hearse fetich. It took him a minute to get one, initially trying to buy one from a funeral home in Juarez but, ultimately, he found his first one ... yes, FIRST one ... on Facebook.

It is fun to drive (I get some crazy looks at times), but it is a pain to parallel park.  I will keep this one forever, but I do want another one. It's like a good cookie you just can't have one.  - JW

Jake and Jerry aren't alone. There are several, "non-commercial", hearses silently cruising El Chuco. Here's one more for you, courtesy of Ryan Egnatoff.

He was kind enough to send before and after photos of his hearse which is, mind you, his "daily driver".

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