It's a great feeling when you're watching a movie that features a native El Pasoan. An El Paso native woman Cheyenne Hernandez is who you will see working with Shia LeBeouf and George Lopez. Some of you may know Cheyenne Hernandez from school, previous employment, or through a friend of a friend. Now everyone will know of Cheyenne Hernandez thanks to a movie that features Shia LeBeouf and George Lopez. She landed herself a role in the film The Tax Collector that was recently released. Clearly you can tell Cheyenne's role in the movie is a savage woman who's known as Gata (Cat). But Cheyenne Hernandez is truly amazing for how she first started living in Hollywood. You can hear her interview with KTSM News channel 9 in the video above.

Cheyenne Hernandez had no clue she would go from struggling day by day to working with well-known actors. Her family and friends must be stoked knowing that someone they know or are related to is on the big screen. If Cheyenne Hernandez and I were buds I would take pictures of scenes she's featured in and post them with an "I know her" caption. But some of us can still feel that excitement just knowing that an El Paso native is on the big screen. Just like other local celebrities that come from El Paso is an example our city is full of talent. You can check out The Tax Collector movie now that is was released on August 7.  Hopefully, we can see more of Cheyenne Hernandez in upcoming Hollywood films in the future.

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