There are so many places we enjoy getting deep-dish pizza from in El Paso, Texas. Everyone and I mean kids and adults always love when pizza is on the menu. There are some locals who will be celebrating National Deep-Dish Pizza Day either for lunch or dinner.

God bless this Chicago-style pizza that we all love to devour when we're really hungry. Today is the perfect day to skip slaving over a hot stove and order or dine out at the place you prefer to eat deep-dish pizza. We are all entitled to our own opinion of who serves the best deep-dish pizza in El Paso.

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Unfortunately, some of us haven't been able to taste the best deep-dish pizza from Chicago. But luckily for us, there are some places locally that really try their best to be just as good as Chicago's deep-dish pizza. Our local news reporter Nate Ryan from Abc 7 News shared his excitement for National Deep-Dish Pizza Day.

I like to believe that certain local spots that make deep-dish pizza taste just as good as the ones in Chicago. But if we go based on our own opinions you may believe one place is better than the place I think is best. There are quite a few local places that offer deep-dish pizza scattered around town.

In honor of National Deep-Dish Pizza Day, I would like to know what place you believe has the best deep-dish pizza. I set up a poll below that has a list of places in El Paso that offer deep-dish pizza. Now it's your job to place your vote below on who you think makes the best deep-dish pizza in El Paso.

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