One moment please. I need to wipe the drool from my face. This one is strictly for my ladies. Well... and Fernie, of course.

ESPN hardly ranks in my top 20 favorite magazines, but today they released the cover image to their ‘body issue’ and let me tell you, I have no issues with this body. Some football guy, I really don’t care who, but some may know him as Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, was featured on the cover wearing nothing but a frustratingly placed sticker and some weird hulk-like hands. Screw you too, ESPN editors! Can’t a girl just get an uncensored version?!


Now, I know we have a lot of babes, butts, and sweater balloons on this site, but I thought it was time to represent for the ladies! This post is a tribute to all the Q fans with ovaries and a few “Fernies” out there. Turn the radio up, El Paso. It’s going to be difficult to hear the music over all vibrating noise coming from the bedroom.

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