How does a coffin even end up on Galveston Beach? That's probably what you'd be asking yourself after seeing that a coffin washed up on the shore of Galveston Beach!

You never know what will wash up on the shores of a beach; but a coffin has got to be the last thing you would think about! Last week, pictures began surfacing of the said coffin; people, of course, were at first concerned- but after a while, hilarity ensued; it was a bit morbid, but it was hilarious nonetheless!

At the moment, no one knew how it got there or what it meant, but the comments were definitely killing it. 

Comments included:

The only way I'll get a vacation.

I hate when my mother-in-law shows up at the beach.

What a way to go!

One final request! RIP!

It was quite humorous to see that many took it as a joke rather than a bad omen!

In the end, it turned out to be a prop for a local paranormal group! Apparently, the photos were posted by Craig Corbell, owner of local tourist attractions like Haunted Mayfield Manor; where the coffin originated from. In one photo, he notes the coffin is a joint promotion between Haunted Mayfield Manor and other tourist attractions he has!

Haunted Mayfield Manor invited the community to join them in to learn more- but I'm more interested in how they got the coffin on the beach! Did they have to use a dolly?! How heavy is the coffin?

So, alls well that ends well, I guess. It was a great promotion that surely worked well in Haunted Mayfield Manor's favor because people could not stop talking about the coffin on the beach.

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