We are halfway to Halloween, and I don't know about you but I am getting in the spooky mood! I mean, I'm always in a spooky mood, but it intensifies the closer we get to Halloween!

As much as I love the paranormal and spooky stuff, I've never actually traveled through Texas to some of it's haunted or spooky settings like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre House, the Magnolia Hotel or the Texas Thrift store that many believe is haunted!

That's right, a thrift shop is the subject of many horror stories! Just eight hours away from El Paso in Killeen the Texas Thrift (that is it's name) is believed to be the home of some paranormal activity- with stories that trace back to when it operated as a book shop.

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According to backpackerverse.com, back when it was a book shop called Hastings Books, on a rainy day, a woman entered the store seeking shelter from the rain, many believed her to be a psychic medium. While she stood in the lobby of the store, and while others did their shopping, she shot herself. She didn't survive.

Since then, the building has been a grocery store, and now a thrift shop, but many believe that the horror began long before the woman shot herself. Patrons of the thrift shop have reported having strange encounters in the aisles, seeing strange little red-headed girls, and being tripped.

Of course, many don't believe in the legend. But as legends go, it's a game of telephone and stories can get out of control. If you ever find yourself in Killeen and are curious, the Thrift store is located at 2200 E Veterans Memorial Blvd, Killeen, TX 76543. Happy hauntings!


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