Monday usually has us feeling like a Debbie downer but music always helps the soul! Everyone has their own playlist to get through a Monday and wanted to share mine with you.

According to researchers and after 25 trials music is a valid therapy to help reduce depression and anxiety. Not only that, it is also said to improve your mood if you're feeling like a grumpy gil. I know we're a rock station and some of these songs aren't exactly rock. But they get the job done and that job is to help me get amped up to get my stuff done. My top 4 songs come from various artists like Kanye West, Bob Marley, In This Moment, and The Beatles. So you may either be familiar with all of these artists and if not, give it or them a listen.

Hopefully, you enjoy my playlist I enjoy listening to before getting my work week started!

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    In This Moment - Adrenalize

    Instead of resorting to energy drinks, music can also do the trick! I believe this kind of song gives you the adrenaline you would need on a Monday.

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    The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

    This song is a must if you've ever done a double shift. Most Mondays for some people tend to have a bigger workload after a two-day break. This kind of song pushes you to hustle even harder... Which is MUCH needed for a Monday!

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    Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing

    This song should inspire you to get pumped up for work to make that money! If you like nice things and need some help reminding you of why you need your job, this is a big motivator.

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    Bob Marley - Don't Worry Be Happy

    The only people who enjoy Mondays are the people who have that day off. But for those who don't have it off should be happy to even have a job whatever it may be. Another reason you should be happy about starting a new work week is that you got to live another day. A little Bob Marley sure can put you in a good mood!