This year, I continued my tradition of watching the Will Smith classic "Independence Day," but this time, I decided to write down my thoughts on the film. For as long as I can remember, every 4th of July I make sure to set aside a few hours out of my day to sit down and watch one of my favorite movies of all-time- "Independence Day." I was a huge fan of Will Smith as a little girl so a huge end-of-the-world disaster movie where he and a delicious-looking Jeff Goldblum save humanity was obviously drool-worthy for little Lisa. This time while watching the flick, I decided to live tweet my thoughts on the movie, and also how it has lasted the test of time. Here are some of my favorite moments from my reaction:

  • First off, it isn't the 4th of July for me and my family unless we're watching "Independence Day" at my house.
  • Would aliens even want to invade Earth now? Or would they just pass by us like, ‘no, interacting with humans is totally not worth the effort.’
  • Everyone runs and hides when they see the alien spacecraft but if this happened now, people would stay and try to get the best video for their Tik Tok. Possibly make a dance about aliens.
  • Really Vivica? Your Doc Marten was able to break that deadbolt to get you into the maintenance door? Also, why use a deadbolt? Isn’t a normal door lock easier?
  • It makes me so happy they saved the dog and didn’t kill him in the huge disaster sequence. Also, if ur like me and hate when dogs die in movies, feel free to check out and find out before you get ur heart ripped out watching a film.
  • The special effects in thus movie are really on point for the time period.
  • How do the aliens ships look the same from the 1950s? You telling me they didn’t update the outside since Roswell? Change the color, add spinning rims, hydraulics, NOTHING?!
  • How many kids watching this movie are confused seeing Russell Casse pull out a paper does it tell him where to go?
  • One of my favorite high school memories is the kid who recited the President’s speech from “Independence Day” as his theatre monologue. We all cheered like we were gonna go attack some aliens after.
  • The aliens really should have known that humans were hiding in the spacecraft. You're going to tell me that homeboy didn't think it was weird his alien friend just randomly hid when he opened the windows? Are they big on hide and seek on other planets?
  • I appreciate the dedication Jasmine has to her Labrador. That dog is chillen looking at an alien spacecraft and gets a ride in the military truck to go find Will Smith. That’s me during the apocalypse, taking Tubby with me everywhere.

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