A Hotdogs From the Caribbean? In El Paso ?

So my adventure continues , I m driving down  Pellicano just as its about to end. WAY out east ,just  pass Loop 375. When out  of nowhere, I see a little red ,black and white umbrella. A group of about 10 people are gathered around this  Hot Dog CART ! Is it the heat? Figment of my sun fried mind? NO!!!! Its a Hot Dog Cart!

I order 2 Hot Dogs and a Cola, (insert joke  here...) What I get is this  TASTY , VERY Different  and full of Flavor   "Caribbean  Hot Dog". So, I ask .. what  makes it a Caribbean Hot dog? Quick to the draw, Alex the Owner tells me ...ITS the papitas fritas that makes its stand out. And I agree. These morsels of taste have a little chili meat,a little onions,a sweet relish of some sort, a splash of mustard and the key to the Dog."PAPITAS FRITAS". TASTEY!!!! Check them out,WAY out EAST at the corner of Loop 375 and Pellicano (just as it ends) and you be the judge.From a scale of 10...an Awesome 9!!

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