A HOTDOG! How can you Screw up a Hotdog?

I have had my share of some bad food, but this is a first .

This week we head down to I-10 and Horizon Blvd.  Just passed the truck stops.

Most People in El Paso have heard or read about the Juarez foot long. If not let me explain , Picture this … : It’s a combination of everything  that is arms reach in a mobile kitchen .A beacon wrapped foot long, smothered  in processed nacho cheese sauce ,  pinto beans (chili beans if you’re lucky), diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños ,radishes ,chopped pickles  and cabbage covered with mayonnaise , ketchup  and mustard on grilled butter toasted bun.  You get the picture... It’s a Foot long with everything!

Well here’s my review of the “Mega Hot Dogs: Juaritos Style”

This just didn’t do it for me. Let me start by saying that the tow from behind makeshift kitchen was truly a work of Art. It grabbed my attention and looked clean. The “Picture” of the Hotdog on the side of this kitchen was truly a sight to be savored!

I place my order, the ONLY thing that they have listed. A Juarez Hotdog!  

Thinking it was going to take a few minutes to prepare, I head down to my truck, Only to  be stopped by a heavy  Spanish accented   “Hey Ju…..Is ready”... It took a total of 15 seconds to make this “Mega Dog”?   I’m thinking to myself, “This is Service”. I order a Mexican Bottled Orange Fanta … and pay $6.00 for this mighty meal.

BUT to my surprise, I get a cold, lacking flavor, bean juice soaked (only about 10 beans) discolored covered in mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard Foot Long.

 How the Hell can you screw up a HOT DOG?!?  Well, MEGA DOG did!  It was a MEGA Disaster! Look I’m not a connoisseur of Hotdogs, BUT how the HELL can you Screw one up? It doesn’t even LOOK like the picture on the side of your truck !

From a scale of 10… This place gets a MEGA 3! Only because the Orange Fanta was the only thing that saved my taste buds. Don’t believe me, YOU be the judge. (But don’t say it didn’t tell JU )

You  have a place you  think I should try , Drop me a line : supermario@klaq.com

Cheers and Bottoms –Up!

BTW: I did talk to the "Cook". But  wanted to offer me another one of these Things .. NO Thanks!

The views, reviews and opinions are solely mine and not those of KLAQ and its affiliates  . Because I tried it, they didn’t !

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