According to a recently-released research report from the group Clear Foods, 2 percent of hot dogs they tested in a recent quality test contained human DNA. Mmmmm.

The group analyzed 345 hot dogs and sausages from various brands, and according to its report, found 14.4 percent of those tested were problematic in some way.

Among issues found with the 14.4 percent were substituted ingredients, including 10 percent of vegetarian products containing meat and instances of chicken, pork, beef, turkey and lamb in products that were not supposed to contain them.

More troubling ,however, is that 2 percent of the tested hot dogs contained human DNA, although Texans can breathe a sigh of relief because two-thirds of the products containing human DNA were vegetarian. Meat eaters FTW! According to Clear Foods, the human DNA findings were the result of hygienic issues. Umm, eww.

Looking for the least gross hot dog out there, according to Clear Foods, these are the major hot dog brands that came out of their study with the best scores:

  1. Butterball
  2. McCormick
  3. Eckrich
  4. Hebrew National
  5. Simply Balanced
  6. Aidells
  7. Jennie-O
  8. Boar's Head
  9. Oscar Mayer
  10. O Organics

To see more of the study's hot dog ratings, visit Clear Foods online. 

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