Murder FM founder, guitarist and singer Norman Matthew has been hard at work lately on a solo project that has already gotten him some attention from AXS.

During a recent AXS interview, Norman talked about Strange As Angels:

"I'm working on my solo record right now and we just finished shooting the first video and it was literally three weeks of shooting. We did a lot of sh*t for it. Right now, finding that balance has been tricky. I mean, I'm a single dad so I've got my 3-year-old little boy and I'm running a business and then there was the band and now my solo stuff. Honestly, creatively I felt like some of my motivation was gone because I needed to challenge myself and finding the time to put something new together scheduling-wise has definitely presented that challenge. I've learned how to create that balance and figure out what the most important thing is at that moment and just try to help put everything on its path.

This all while dealing with personal difficulties, raising his son and running his Dallas based artist development and music school, The Sound Foundation. TSF teaches pretty much every aspect of the entertainment business, (writing, producing, recording, performing, video, etc), and has already produced a couple of promising bands; Sweet Chaos  and 2nd Place.


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