WalletHub recently put together a list of the cities that are best for real-estate here in 2020 and there are a few Texas cities in the top 10. Let's get right to the list. Here are the top 10:

  1. Boise, ID
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Frisco, TX
  4. Nashville, TN
  5. GIlbert, AZ
  6. Murfreesboro, TN
  7. Austin, TX
  8. Spokane Valley, WA
  9. Denton, TX
  10. Renton, WA

Here are where other Texas cities landed on the list.

14. Allen, TX
35. Fort Worth, TX
39. Carrollton, TX
41. Irving, TX
50. Grand Prairie, TX
70. Richardson, TX
92. Plano, TX
97. Arlington, TX
98. Garland, TX
115. Laredo, TX
160. Mesquite, TX
174. Houston, TX
219. Dallas, TX
231. El Paso, TX
241. San Antonio, TX
247. Amarillo, TX
262. Corpus Cristi, TX

So what kind of criteria are they looking at for this list?

  • Lowest % of homes with negative equity
  • Lowest average number of days until a house is sold
  • Highest median home-price appreciation
  • Lowest foreclosure rate
  • Lowest % of delinquent mortgage holders
  • Fewest unsold homes owned by banks
  • Lowest home price as % of income
  • Lowest maintenance costs as % of income

If you head on over to WalletHub, you can also get some advice from experts and get their answers to questions like:

  1. Is now a good time to buy a home? What economic indicators should potential buyers be watching?
  2. How has the pandemic affected housing prices and the home-buying process? What changes should we expect on the housing market during the upcoming months?
  3. Are foreign buyers driving up the cost of U.S. real estate? Which cities are most affected?
  4. How likely is it that the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates in the coming months? How will this impact the housing market?
  5. Why are Millennials still sitting out of the housing market? What can be done to increase homeownership rates for this cohort?
  6. In evaluating the healthiest housing markets, what are the top five indicators?


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