Big chain restaurants are falling on hard times these days and many in Texas are throwing in the towel. There could be a bright side in this for some though ...

Chili's recently announced a plan to close several restaurants in Texas and all over the United States of America. It seems Applebee's is closing up some restaurants too.

Applebee's and Chili's aren't alone, at least 12 big time restaurant chains are shutting down locations ... including TGI Friday's, Denny's and Boston Market among others ... all over the country.

Last year, Applebee's boarded up 46 stores and plans to close more, (35 to be exact), this year. They have not said how many, if any, will be in Texas or El Paso. At this time, they haven't specified any location(s) at all.

Dine Brands, Applebee's parent company, also owns IHOP. That's where the (possible) "bright side" comes in, they're considering opening restaurants where customers have both restaurants in one location.

Applebee's has 1,533 locations all over the United States of America with 90 of them being in the lone star state.

Why Are Big Chain Restaurants Closing?

The answer given by Chili's, I would assume, probably applies to all with regard to these restaurant closures:

Brinker International also noted they permanently closed 16 company-owned Chili’s in 2023 that were “performing below our standards and were near or at the expiration of their lease terms. Our strategic plan is targeted to support our long-term growth objectives, with a focused on… those restaurant locations that have the greatest return potential for the Company and our shareholders.” -

Applebee's has 9 locations in El Paso and there are 2 in Las Cruces.

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