For over 20 years, “Mr. Skin” has been cataloging and curating his on-line compendium of movie scenes containing nude scenes. FEMALE nude scenes, that is. For most of that time Mr. Skin has appeared as a guest on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, usually telling us about a timely list of “top nude scenes” in different categories. For example, in December he might have a “Top Ten Nude Scenes in Christmas Movies”. Or, around Mother’s Day he might be promoting his “Top Ten Milf Nude Scenes” list.

Mr. Skin has, in 21 years’ time, gone from running a website that the studios were trying to shut down for using copyrighted material to actually being COURTED by those same studios! Seriously, Mr. Skin now receives advanced copies of movies ahead of the release date so he can include the new nude scenes on his site BEFORE the movie is even out.

We’ll be talking to Mr. Skin on Wednesday (8 am Central, 7 am Mountain) about a new documentary called “Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies”. The movie isn’t about him, per se, but he is one of the many experts talking about the role nudity has played in cinema for over 120 years now. That’s right! There was nudity in films long before there was SOUND!

Other experts in the film include Kevin Smith, Malcolm McDowell and Pam Grier.

The movie is available from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Fandango or anywhere else you can rent movies.

Here’s the trailer:

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