We are now on to part 2 or round number 2 of Movie Monster Madness. Here are the contestants:

  • Michael Myers - A movie monster that is synonymous with Halloween, considering the name of the movie is HALLOWEEN.
  • Pazuzu (The Exorcist) - Just how terrifying is this movie? I know grown-ass adults that won't watch it. But is that enough to get Pazuzu to the next round?
  • Dracula - Of the original movie monsters, Dracula is the only one still standing.
  • Gozer (Ghostbusters) - The big bad guy from Ghostbusters got Brundlefly in the first round. And I guess you could also give this spot to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Either way, is it going to be moving on?
  • Leatherface - One of the big 4 had no issues getting into the second round.
  • Sadako (The Ring) - Again, a really terrifying movie, but is that going to be enough to move on?
  • Pennywise - Take whichever version you want, they're both scary. I think Pennywise is a sneaky pick to make the final four.
  • Jaws - This monster has made going anywhere near the ocean impossible for some people.

So there you go. The second half of round number 2. You can vote below to see who will move on, and make sure you vote all the way through the poll. It can take a second or two for the next one to load, so just be patient. And, if you haven't done so yet, or even if you have, head on over and vote on the first half of round one. JUST CLICK HERE.


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