We are now moving on to round number 2 in Movie Monster Madness and we're going to break this into two parts. Each part will have four matchups. Let's get to it, here are the contestants:

  • Freddy Krueger - The man who haunts your dreams was able to get past Pumpkinhead in the first round pretty easily.
  • Wolf Man - One of the original movie monsters, Wolf Man was able to get past Norman Bates in the first round.
  • Xenomorph (Alien) - It was a matchup straight from the movies, except this time it was Alien defeating Predator in the first round. It also took a pretty big come back for Alien to win as well. Predator started off with a pretty big lead.
  • Jigsaw - This was a pretty close matchup, but not so close there was really any doubt as Jigsaw was able to take care of Ghostface to move on.
  • Jason Voorhees - Another one of 'The Big 4' that didn't have much trouble in the first round. Jason easily moved past Godzilla.
  • The Babadook - One of the newer villains on the list, the matchup probably had a lot to do with the Babadook moving on so easily past The Pale Man.
  • Candyman - I know full grown adults that are still terrified of the Candyman, and he had no problem getting by the Blob.
  • Pinhead - This is a sneaky good villain who I think could go far, and it wasn't much of a competition in the first round against Frankenstein's Monster.


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