This video surfaced over the weekend. Anyone know what's going on here?

So what are we looking at here? There were some pretty funny responses over on this post. One of the frequent topics of the jokes made have to with vaping. There are all kinds of versions of that joke you can put here.

Seeing things in the night sky in El Paso is nothing new. Back in January of last year, there was a series of lights seen over the city of El Paso, but the military said that those were just artillery flares. Gilbert Telles Jr., a public affairs specialist at Fort Bliss said:

The lights seen this past weekend are artillery flares. A unit had been training that early evening at the Doña Ana training ranges.

That was from last year. CLICK HERE to check out another article about something seen over the skies of El Paso.

Of course, the end-all-be-all of UFO sightings in El Paso is the "black cube" incident.

A man who was leaving his office about 1 p.m. for lunch said it began to get very windy and he noticed that the center of some swirling clouds became "jet black,"  Secureteam10 stated in a video made from photos the man took.

Just as the man snapped the photo, a massive, cube-shaped UFO appeared, "jetting out of this worm-hole type manifestation," the video narrator said.

"I am personally at a loss for words because this thing is mind-blowing," the narrator continued. "Not only do we not know what it is -- Is is it a craft, is it an entity from another dimension, is it a probe sent here from a higher intelligence in another galaxy?"

What do you think the latest video? Strange alien phenomenon? Vape cloud?

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