There is a house on the Westside that always catches people's attention. If you have taken the back road on N. Stanton and Brentwood to get N. Mesa Street then you know what house. If you're completely clueless then let me fill you in on what to spot the next time you're in the area. There is a house that sits along N. Stanton Street and Brentwood Avenue just after the stop sign. Believe me, you can't miss it if the trailer parked out front is loaded with all sorts of neat statues. I have been driving that way for years and always enjoy getting to the stop sign. It always changes throughout the year because somedays the trailer is empty or not even there at all. But when the trailer is parked upfront it's usually loaded with all sorts of statues. I haven't seen lions or tigers but I have seen bears among the many stored on the trailer.

Somedays you will see a variety of statues loaded on the back of the trailer. There has been what seems like old school statues that look like Bob's Big Boy iconic mascot. The house currently has the trailer set up with a few statues that are up for sale. There were a couple of Betty Boop statues and a bright shiny green alien that are up for sale. If you're trying to win the best gift-giver of the year award then your choice should be one of the available statues. That house has been fascinating me for years since my high school days because of all the stylish types of statues they get.

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